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Bulgaria has modern and versatile studios, which combined with our skilled production crews, have made it a popular destination for filming even the most challenging international productions. With our A-level constructions and cutting-edge equipment, Bulgaria offers a cost-effective alternative to other European locations, without compromising on quality or expertise.



For productions looking for the best value on a budget. We offer a range of standing sets, from modern urban streetscapes to period environments, providing endless possibilities for creating the perfect setting for your production. Explore the essence of our Backlots: spaces meticulously crafted to mirror diverse real-world settings.


Water Tank


This is ideal for a versatile and reliable filming space for scenes involving water. Our tank is equipped with advanced filtration and heating systems, specialized lighting, and underwater camera equipment, providing endless possibilities for creating visually stunning and realistic water scenes.

Motion Capture

Motion Capture


Our motion capture technology provides a precise and realistic representation of movement and performance for characters and objects in movies, video games, and other forms of media. With state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experts, we help directors and producers bring their visions to life.



Our stages offer a versatile and reliable filming space for productions, with advanced features and amenities. From commercials of all sizes and scales to blockbuster films, our stages are equipped to handle every aspect of your production, ensuring a seamless and efficient filming experience.

Virtual Studio.png

Virtual Studio


The Virtual Production Studio enables filming to be produced under completely new creative parameters. Now the Digital backgrounds are pre-produced as 3D worlds for the shoot and projected onto a LED screen around any physical set. The environment on the screens is linked to the camera, creating the illusion of a real environment from every possible angle.


Post Production & VFX


Bulgaria has some of the most up-to-date facilities with cutting-edge equipment, and hundreds of world-class, skilled professionals that have the practical training to do even the most sophisticated post-production and FVX work, on a Hollywood level.

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